Custom Bridal

The Perfect Proposal

Ready to propose? I specialize in crafting exquisite, bespoke engagement rings with diamonds weighing one carat or more. Choose between natural or lab-grown diamonds to create your dream ring. Let me assist in creating an unforgettable proposal with a custom ring as special as your love.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

To the naked eye, there is no difference between a natural and lab-grown diamond. They have the same chemical and physical properties; are both graded by color, cut, clarity and carat; and come with GIA certification. Lab-grown diamonds can be more cost-effective since they are created rather than mined, and are therefore assuredly conflict free. All lab-grown diamonds used by Prince of Gold are GIA-certified and meet a minimum quality of G color and SI1 clarity.
Carat Size F VS1+ G-H SI1+
1.0 $2,145 $1,700
1.5 $3,600 $2,860
1.75 $4,225 $3,600
2.0 $7,800 $4,095
2.5 $8,200 $6,075
2.75 $8,450 $7,235
3.0 $17,550 $10,150

*Diamonds may vary by up to .10 of a carat and the listed color and clarity is the minimum. For example, you may order 1.75 ct and F color VS1+ for the diamond, but the diamond used for your ring could be 1.84 ct and F color VVS2.

*This is the price for just the center diamond. The cost of the setting and design will be an additional fee.

*All diamonds are CVD lab grown and GIA certified. The diamond will come with the GIA certificate as well as a matching serial number engraved on the girdle.

1. Secure Your Spot

To kick off your custom jewelry journey, make a $400 deposit. It signals your commitment to crafting something truly special.

2. Let's Chat

I'll personally connect with you to delve into your vision. Show me your inspirations, ring styles you adore, and let's discuss every detail you desire.

3. Get Your Quote

Following our discussion, I'll present an initial quote. Should we proceed, your $400 deposit will be applied to your final payment. If not, it's fully refundable.

4. Visualize Your Dream

Witness your vision come to life with a detailed 3D rendering. Provide feedback, request tweaks, and ensure it's absolutely perfect.

5. Lock It In

Once you're thrilled with the design, we'll finalize costs. A 50% deposit secures your spot, and once approved, the design is set in stone.

6. Stay in the Loop

Watch your masterpiece take shape with regular photo updates. Expect your creation to shine in just 10 business days, accompanied by certification videos.

7. Final Touches

Complete your journey by settling the remaining 50% of the project fee before shipping, ensuring your creation is ready to dazzle.

8. Shine Bright

Share the joy by flaunting your bespoke piece. Snap a pic, tag me on Instagram, and let the world admire your Prince of Gold creation.