CAD Jewelry Design Services

Unleash Your Imagination with Our CAD Jewelry Design Services

At Prince of Gold, we believe in pushing boundaries and turning your unique visions into stunning realities. Whether you have a specific setting style in mind or a completely novel concept, our experts are here to bring your ideas to life. With unparalleled CAD jewelry design services, remarkable turnaround times, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Prince of Gold is your ultimate destination for bespoke jewelry creations.

How Our Process Unfolds

Equipped with industry-leading CAD software such as Matrix, Rhino, ArtCAD, and JewelryCAD, our experts begin by understanding your jewelry requirements. We then present you with a visual prototype, offering rendered images of your envisioned piece. Should adjustments be necessary, our team collaborates closely with you to refine the design until it aligns perfectly with your vision.

Once the prototype meets your expectations, you have two options:

1. 3D Wax Model Production: Upon final approval, we move forward with the production of your prototype model. Our rapid prototyping machines, including 3D printers, meticulously craft your design into a stunning 3D wax model, ready for direct casting.

2. CNC Metal Mold: Alternatively, if compatible with the design, we offer CNC metal mold creation, serving as your master model and mold in one. Ideal for top-notch quality and large production volumes, this option ensures precision and durability.

Meeting Your Deadlines

At Prince of Gold, we understand the importance of timeliness without compromising on quality. While our standard design orders typically take no more than two weeks for CAD, with an additional three days for CAM, we are flexible to accommodate your specific delivery needs. Whether you require your completed design or model before a specific date, our team is dedicated to meeting your deadlines with our exceptional CAD jewelry design services.

Contact us today at +1 915-740-6732, and let us ensure your project reaches fruition within your desired timeframe.